Tripoli Approved GPS Units for Competition Events

Approved GPS units for TRA altitude competition events

For the purpose of TRA contests and records, flights over 30,000 MSL must use approved GPS units for altitude verification. The TRA Contest and Records committee has approved the following GPS units for flights to 30,000 feet MSL and over.  

AED Electronics (  
   RDAS with GPS  
Altus Metrum ( )  
  TeleMetrum 2.0 flight computer with u-blox-7 GPS
TeleMega 1.0 flight computer with u-blox-7 GPS
TeleGPS 1.0 tracker with u-blox-7 GPS
BigRedBee (  
  BigRedBee 70 cm BLGPS with either Trimble Lassen or uBlox 6 GPS
BigRedBee 70cm BLGPS (16mw and 100mw versions) with u-blox 7 GPS
BigRedBee 2M BLGPS with Trimble Lassen IQ GPS
BigRedBee 2M BLGPS with u-blox 7 GPS
BRB900 GPS with Trimble Lassen IQ GPS
BRB900 900Mhz GPS with u-blox 7 GPS
Black Magic Missile Works ( )  
  UFC-3 GPS-2 module (with NovAtel OEM615V GPS)  
Crystal Ball GPS (  
Entacore Electronics ( )  
  AIM Extra/Base
AIM XTRA GPS flight computer with u-blox 7 GPS
Featherweight Altimeters (  
  Featherweight GPS Tracker (Firmware v129 and higher)  
GPSFlight (  
  ST 900 and ST900e trackers  
Missile Works ( )  
  RTx/GPS System  
Multitronix ( )  
  TelemetryPro Transmitter ('Kate') with u-blox 7 GPS  
Real Flight Systems (